12 February 2011

Ideas Bank

compromise typeImage by eversion via FlickrIdeas sometimes come thick and fast, some days they just don't come at all, so I now constantly carry with me my iPhone for the camera and notepad, and my moleskin for jotting ideas that I can't put into words.
Currently I can't get the environment out of my mind, its like everything I see has a connection, from material source, to running costs, to maintenance, why oh why do we build houses with such deep and expensive foundations,  the innovation is to develop a simple foundation that allows minimal contact with the ground, I want all of the materials manufactured in a factory and brought to site ready for installation, now you going to say that this is tried and tested technology, and your right, so were is the innovation , simple its in the ground, think of the major building problems, and you think of damp, so if the house is supported on simple piles, and the piles are connected to a lattice of beams, around the perimeter and across the frame, I have the base of a house ready. Walter Segal had this concept nailed years ago, and its never been taken up by large scale house builders, why, is so cost effective. I followed up this idea as a CPD project, you'll find loads of article on my Konstrukshon CPD weblog site. I want to let my mind wander a little on this idea, because I'm sure there is mileage in thinking a little on this, natural cooling, air venting in through a stack system, storage of heat in the winter, battery stores, even light fans making use of the airflow to generate a small charge., small piles auger piles, piles made or waste, flexible couplings for waste and power, site moves made easy, ground sensors for heat and perhaps movement. Why not see your house dry built before it goes to site,

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