14 November 2015


I carry, almost all the tine several means of storing ideas when ever they occur. Mostly I use just two, my iPhone for capture of photo's and book page capture, with still the best utility, Evernote, I don't have to sink, as its on all my devices, and of course my trusty Moleskin, that I use to sketch and note.

I use pencil, pen and marker pens, to highlight and I sketch, it makes no difference what, I have an idea I note it, and if required sketch, the highlighter pen is used to define. Be careful, the marker pens tend to bleed through the paper.

I keep looking at Google Keep and so far it's just no where near Evernote, no OCR, I tend to test this witrh screen grabs i take of ebooks, but to date no OCR on the photos I have taken, But saying this, I tend to copy notes made into google Doc via iFTTT, a free cloud based app that looks and if it see's a new not copies it to Keep,,,,,, just in case

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